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Blog: Of Fun, Laughter and Happiness

The difference between fun and laughter? You can have fun without laughing. Some people, sadly, can even laugh without having fun. To my knowledge, there are vast collections of studies about the healing powers of laughter and humor. But I still haven't found anyone researching the physiological, psychological or sociological benefits of fun.

Blog: Of Fun and War

What do you think when you see grown-ups playing, or dancing or even laughing in public? Let me guess. You think there’s something wrong with them. Normally, you’d be right. Except now. Now, it’s after 9/11, and the peace is deeply disturbed – everywhere, globally. And what those grown-ups are doing is not an act of childish discourtesy, but a political act – a declaration of freedom, a demonstration that we are not terrorized, that terror has not won.

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