Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

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Laughter yoga? It’s not such a stretch

Watching Lisa Pettersen light up the room one might never guess she's an arthritic woman who lives with chronic pain. Her laugh cascades in a way that's infectious. After a while you realize there's more to this night than pointless chortling. There are deep, therapeutic breaths and a contagious sense of buoyancy.

News: (Wisconsin, USA) New Yoga Fitness Trend Focuses on Laughter

"Laughter helps us get through life’s challenges," said Kueny, wearing a jester hat and a laughter yoga jersey. "It has lots of great benefits. It helps to improve social connections. If you laugh with people, you instantly form a bond. And happy people are easier to get along with." Mike Kueny has suffered from depression for 10 years but he still laughs nearly nonstop for 45 minutes every Sunday.

News: Australians Say We Love Laughter Yoga!

Sydney, Australia: I walked into my first laughter yoga class expecting to see a hippie in a tie dyed shirt and leggings. I did not expect my yoga teacher to be a lawyer. And I certainly didn't expect to be rolling around on the floor laughing with a bunch of people I'd never met before. But that's exactly what happened.

Blog: Of Fun, Laughter and Happiness

The difference between fun and laughter? You can have fun without laughing. Some people, sadly, can even laugh without having fun. To my knowledge, there are vast collections of studies about the healing powers of laughter and humor. But I still haven't found anyone researching the physiological, psychological or sociological benefits of fun.

Blog: 2012? Preparing for the Apocalypse

According to a variety of surprisingly uninformed sources, there's at least a slim (or fat) chance that the apocalypse, currently scheduled for 2012, probably won't happen until 2013. This could be considered good news. I am nonetheless certain that for those who are around to have a retrospect it will do little to ameliorate the anticipated impact. That doesn't mean we should be any less prepared. Though it does raise the question: how, exactly, does one prepare for the apocalypse?

News: A Laugh A Day

Seeing and experiencing the healing and connecting power of Laughter Yoga, Chris Pollitt has started a project called ‘A Daily Laugh For You.’ The idea is to record laughter with one or more persons every day and post it on YouTube. According to Chris it is a great way to meet new people, share about Laughter Yoga, and spread joy. He wants to keep the project running to help as many people to laugh and learn about the positive effects of laughter.