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Video Documentary On The Origins Of Laughter Yoga

The origins of India's well known laughing clubs is revealed in this documentary, one of the first produced on the subject. Interviews with laughter club founder Dr. Kataria and fellow laughing club members shows the significant impact laughter has on the spirit and health in India and throughout the world.

News: 600+ bring love & laughter together on Valentine’s day

Love took a backseat to laughter in one corner of Kolkata, India on Valentine’s Day. Almost 600 men and women from various parts of West Bengal made it happen. The group of teenaged to nonagenarian members of 48 laughing clubs in Bengal were taking part in the fifth annual laugh fest of the Laughing Academy of Eastern India.

Laughter Clubs in the National Geographic

“No joke is needed to get members of one of Mumbai’s 37 laughing clubs to erupt with glee. Instead, they breathe deeply, yoga-like, reach for the sky to reduce inhibitions, then force a ‘ho, ho, ha, ha’ until the laughter becomes contagious. It reduces stress, claims Dr. Madan Kataria, the clubs’ founder. ‘Laughing is my mission,’ he says, ‘I want to spread it all over the world.’”

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