laughter club

Cancer survivor started a Laughter Club as an alternative to attending serious support groups.

Jennifer Fielder, a breast cancer survivor, started AhLAFska to aid fellow employees at the hospital, although most who attend this haven of hilarity hail from the wider community. "Cancer support groups are excellent for some people, but I found them to be kind of a downer," she said. "This is a positive way to let emotions out, and a great stress reducer." This laughter club is now in its 4th year and going strong.

Laughter club brings smile to sex workers

Laughter club brings smile to sex workers. “Laughter gives a positive energy and this can help them fight disease and misery. When they are happy they can deal with business, people they meet and their children in a better way. They do not have a family as such. So the positive vibe can help them unite in a group,” said Kuvavala.

LY gave me inner strength when I felt weak and powerless

By Nili Dor HaElla (Israel): Laughter Yoga has helped me through difficult times: my brother David and his wife recently died in a plane crash in the USA. The knowledge that I could laugh for no reason as and when I wanted to has helped me find the ability to tap into inner resources I did not know I had at a time when I felt weak and powerless.

Boost for immune system: laughing has helped my ears to heal

I’ve been attending the laughter club for the last two years. At that time I had blockages in my ears and was advised by my doctor to have surgery to clear them. I haven't had surgery and today those blockages have disappeared to a larger extent. I feel laughing daily has helped my ears to heal.