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Merv’s Blog, July 2011

Well with around seven weeks to go until the events in August it’s time to get serious. Ask yourself the following question. How far do I want to go with Laughter Yoga?

News: Cancer patients embrace laughter therapy sessions

Brenda Crook paws the air as she stands laughing with eyes wide open, her tongue out and a red foam ball pinching her nose. About 10 other clown-nosed people surround her and mimic the same "Lion Yoga Pose." The image seems absurd, but Crook, 34, needs a little silliness in her life. She is battling breast cancer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at the Western Regional Medical Center in Goodyear.

News: 600+ bring love & laughter together on Valentine’s day

Love took a backseat to laughter in one corner of Kolkata, India on Valentine’s Day. Almost 600 men and women from various parts of West Bengal made it happen. The group of teenaged to nonagenarian members of 48 laughing clubs in Bengal were taking part in the fifth annual laugh fest of the Laughing Academy of Eastern India.

LY gave me inner strength when I felt weak and powerless

By Nili Dor HaElla (Israel): Laughter Yoga has helped me through difficult times: my brother David and his wife recently died in a plane crash in the USA. The knowledge that I could laugh for no reason as and when I wanted to has helped me find the ability to tap into inner resources I did not know I had at a time when I felt weak and powerless.

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