LOL: Why You Should Laugh Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

For family caregivers, the mountains of laundry, the endless messes that need cleaned up, the rushing to doctor's appointments, the complete surrender of one's personal life and the painful process of watching a loved one's decline is no laughing matter. You may feel like crying more often than you feel like laughing.

No arms, no legs, and no worries either

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. He chose to live a life of meaning and purpose regardless. In his own words "what's the point of holding your wife's hand if you can't hold her heart?" Nothing is easy in life, for anybody. Be clear on what you want, go do it, and never give up (laughter will help you greatly on the way!)

Cute! Kittens, babies evoke laughter, sunshine

Here is your entertainment for the day: has lots of cute pictures of animals playing with toy (stuffed) animals. For those old enough: Shirley Temple sings "Laugh you son of a gun" Just because we [...]

Cathartic psychotherapy and laughter as a healing agent: it works

Cathartic psychotherapy emphasizes and utilizes laughter as one of the major cathartic processes healing emotional pain. It is specific to the release of light anger, light fear, and boredom. When people laugh, if uncomplicated by medications which may interfere with the physical catharsis, they are releasing painful feeling which is gone for all time.