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100s attend Laughter Yoga police camps in India, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

World peace is not about “them” doing something about it. It’s about you and me doing the best we can where we are. Three people did just that, independently one to another. They gathered their courage and proposed a Laughter Yoga session to their local police academy. You can do the same. It was a crazy idea for them too, except that the answer they got was a “yes! we’d love to have you.”

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Just for good measure here is a video of a Laughter Yoga session in an American jail. Prisoners need Laughter Yoga just as much as police officers do!:

Inspiration: Infinite Potential, Unlimited Possibilities

I want to cry. Sometimes beauty is just too much to take. Here is a collection of short videos that illustrate the infinite potential of human creativity. Some are done by professionals who obviously put a lot of thought into their act. Others are impromptu recordings of events that just “manifested” and will never be again. They perfectly illustrate the poetry by Thomas Gray “Full many a gem of purest ray serene / The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear: / Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, / And waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

The point is that Life is for the living. Express yourself! It is easy to survive, and the only way to thrive is to copycat a key quality of the Divine: childlike playfulness, always here, always now.

Incredible Shadow Art Dance (video above) In this amazing performance, a group of dancers shape their bodies into birds, the Oscar statuette, and more.

A Capella Math Song Who says math is boring? An a capella troupe sings a fun and informative love song featuring tons of math terminology.

YouTube Collaborative Virtual Choir A beautiful chorus performance, created from hundreds of separate YouTube recordings.

A bizarre and whimsical street musician performs in Portugal:

YouTube Collaborative Rap: 8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song.

Another impressive street artist plays the drums on empty buckets:

Ice Cream Acrobat: there is more than 1 way to sell ice-cream…

A violinist plays to the tune of “Super Mario”:

How to use “Super Mario” in a classroom setting as a powerful way to teach your students about new media & team work:

News: Australians Say We Love Laughter Yoga!

Sydney, Australia:  I walked into my first laughter yoga class expecting to see a hippie in a tie dyed shirt and leggings. I did not expect my yoga teacher to be a lawyer. And I certainly didn’t expect to be rolling around on the floor laughing with a bunch of people I’d never met before. But that’s exactly what happened.

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Norman Cousin’s Prescription For Health

Norman Cousins was a famous American journalist. In 1964 he headed a cultural delegation to Russia and had a very stressful trip. Upon his return to the USA he became very sick and was quickly diagnosed with a fatal illness and given at best 6 months to live. He reasoned that if stress had made him sick, surely the opposite emotions would make him feel better. He checked himself out of hospital, rented a hotel room, hired a nurse to attend to him and started to watch everything funny he could find: Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, I Love Lucy, Candid Camera, etc. Within 2 weeks he was off his medication. Within 6 months he was back to work. He died 16 years later.

Norman Cousins
One of his very famous quote was that when he was in so much pain that he could not sleep, 10 minutes of belly-rippling laughter would typically give him 2 hours of pain-free sleep where nothing, not even morphine could help. What is unique about this man is that he stayed in touch with his physician and had a very positive and supportive relationship with him throughout his illness. Mr Cousins wrote a best-seller book on this story titled “Anatomy Of An Illness.”

Here is his “prescription for health”:

  • Realize that each human being has a built-in capacity for recuperation and repair.
  • Recognize that the quality of your own life is all-important.
  • Assume responsibility for the quality of your own life.
  • Nurture the regenerative and restorative forces within you.
  • Utilize laughter to create a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work for yourself and those around you.
  • Develop confidence and the ability to feel love, hope and faith, and acquire a strong will to live.

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