The Untapped Power Of Smiling

A majority of people smile between 5-20 times a day while children can smile up to 400 times per day. Studies in the UK found that a single smile can generate the same amount of brain stimulation that 2,000 chocolate bars or 16,000 Pounds Sterling ($25,000) can, which means a person can feel like a million bucks just by smiling a certain number a times a day.

Five ways to wellbeing

Here is a review of the most up-to-date evidence suggests that building the following five actions into our day-to-day lives is important for wellbeing:

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Click on "continue reading"below to see the song lyrics + chords to sing along! - Print the entire Happy Songbook Buy this song CAPO  3 Chorus:   [A] singin Don’t worry, about a thing Cause’ [D]  [...]

Too much laughter = excess heart chi?

According to Chinese medicine, if someone laughs too frequently or too loudly they may have excess heart chi and are unconsciously trying to release it. Laughter is more of belly centered emotional release than smiling.

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