Laughter is a universal connection

Have you ever noticed that everyone laughs the same? Well, some laughs are a little peculiar, but everyone on the planet knows what a laugh is. Even if you don’t know how to ask were the bathroom is, you know a laugh in an instant.

The Untapped Power Of Smiling

A majority of people smile between 5-20 times a day while children can smile up to 400 times per day. Studies in the UK found that a single smile can generate the same amount of brain stimulation that 2,000 chocolate bars or 16,000 Pounds Sterling ($25,000) can, which means a person can feel like a million bucks just by smiling a certain number a times a day.

Spot The Fake Smile

There are two types of smile: fake and genuine. The muscles which control the cheeks and the muscles which control the eyes get switched on and off by different parts of your brain. The parts of your brain which make up the conscious, in-control you are the same parts which can yank at your mouth and fake a smile. Real smiles include the muscles around the eyes, which are harder to control and thus are less likely to squinch up when you are committing grin fraud. Do you think you can easily spot the difference?

Make your home a valley of smiles

Never mind how hard it has been for you to do so. Smile now! If you will remember all the time to smile now, you will smile always. However, a mechanical smile will not do. Your smile should be a reflection of your inner soul state of ever new joy.

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