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CNN Asia: Groups in Mumbai take the old saying about laughter being the best medicine literally

This is a nervous stand-up comedian’s dream audience. Not only will they laugh at anything, apparently they will also laugh at absolutely nothing. Laughter yoga, yes seriously, has become a popular stressbuster worldwide. It originated in Mumbai with Dr Madan Kataria who combined breathing exercises from yoga with laughter. The premise is that laughter — spontaneous or contrived — releases endorphins in the body that relieve anxiety.
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Abdominal surgery: did not use pain killers, woke up with a smile on my face!

By Jan MacQuarrie (Canada): I have just had abdominal surgery (three incisions) and made the most of what I have learned from laughter yoga to prepare and heal from this event. I had fun doing it!

  • I blew up balloons for two weeks ahead to strengthen my lungs and abdomen and practiced laughing.
  • I practiced the laughter yoga ho ho ha ha ha laughter exercise and “very good, very good, yeah!” ┬áin the prep room for a full 1.5h before the surgery
  • I asked for my own music to be played during surgery and asked the surgeon, anaesthetist and two O.R. nurses to laugh along with me while I went under, which they kindly did.
  • I also wrote funny notes on my gown ahead to keep the atmosphere light, like “for awhile we are journeying together so one of us must stay awake” and on my chest “I like to keep abreast of things – do not remove this part!

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