LOL: Why You Should Laugh Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

For family caregivers, the mountains of laundry, the endless messes that need cleaned up, the rushing to doctor's appointments, the complete surrender of one's personal life and the painful process of watching a loved one's decline is no laughing matter. You may feel like crying more often than you feel like laughing.

Too much laughter = excess heart chi?

According to Chinese medicine, if someone laughs too frequently or too loudly they may have excess heart chi and are unconsciously trying to release it. Laughter is more of belly centered emotional release than smiling.

Why laughter can heal you: stress theory vs germ theory

There are two may theories when it comes to disease: the germ theory and the stress theory. The germ theory states that germs are the culprits that make you sick. The stress theory states that germs are already inside of you, in bigger and larger numbers that you’ll ever know.

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