world laughter day

News: (Wisconsin, USA) New Yoga Fitness Trend Focuses on Laughter

"Laughter helps us get through life’s challenges," said Kueny, wearing a jester hat and a laughter yoga jersey. "It has lots of great benefits. It helps to improve social connections. If you laugh with people, you instantly form a bond. And happy people are easier to get along with." Mike Kueny has suffered from depression for 10 years but he still laughs nearly nonstop for 45 minutes every Sunday.

News: World Laughter Day 2010 Celebrated Worldwide

World Laughter Day was celebrated in hundreds of cities this year across in 63 countries on our count (possibly more, and if so we just don't know about it): all over Western and most of Eastern Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific (Taiwan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand), parts of South America, Parts of North & South Africa and a volley of island nations across 4 of the 5 oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Southern).

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