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2011 All America Laughter Yoga Conference Slideshow

Pictures talk louder than words. Here is a slideshow of the 2011 All America Laughter Yoga Conference that took place on 09/22-25 in San Diego, California, at the beautiful Town & Country Resort & Convention Center. A group of heart-centered people got together from all 4 corners of North America and as far as Ethiopia and Australia. The energy that this created alone gave participants already more than they were expecting. Then there was the program and close to 40 presenters who shared their knowledge and passion. This was our best conference to date.

2010 All America Laughter Yoga Conference Photo Album

The American School Of Laughter Yoga proudly organizes a national Laughter Yoga conference in North America every year. Here are the pictures for 2010. It was fun, fun, fun! Tell us we have a strong bias if you want to, and do trust us when we say that it's a very powerful event that can benefit all. Let the pictures speak from themselves.

Blog: Of Fun, Laughter and Happiness

The difference between fun and laughter? You can have fun without laughing. Some people, sadly, can even laugh without having fun. To my knowledge, there are vast collections of studies about the healing powers of laughter and humor. But I still haven't found anyone researching the physiological, psychological or sociological benefits of fun.

Blog: 2012? Preparing for the Apocalypse

According to a variety of surprisingly uninformed sources, there's at least a slim (or fat) chance that the apocalypse, currently scheduled for 2012, probably won't happen until 2013. This could be considered good news. I am nonetheless certain that for those who are around to have a retrospect it will do little to ameliorate the anticipated impact. That doesn't mean we should be any less prepared. Though it does raise the question: how, exactly, does one prepare for the apocalypse?

News: Laughter Yoga CNN Report

CNN did a most excellent 4h documentary on the science of happiness...and Laughter Yoga in the fall of 2006. (we know it very well because the American School Of Laughter Yoga was instrumental in making it happen - we convinced them to come and film on location at the first 2006 All America Laughter Yoga Conference that we organized in Escondido, CA). Here is the best summary video we have found on this so far (very good synthesis). Enjoy!

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