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Merv’s Blog, February 2013

Laughter Yoga Training for 2013

While it is critical that we provide Laughter Clubs and presentations for commercial enterprises, we can only do this with trained leaders, teachers, and trainers. For this reason, we have established a comprehensive calendar of training throughout Australia for 2013. The training dates and locations will be advertised on the Laughter Yoga Australia website http://www.laughteryoga-australia.org.

2 Day Leader Training

2 Day Laughter Yoga Leader Training is a prerequisite for anyone wanting to lead a Community Laughter Club. OK, so you just roll up and go “ho ho ha ha ha” for half an hour. How hard can that be? You’d be surprised. Not knowing who will be there, why they’re there, what they expect, what they want, and then deliver without fear, is a challenge worth pursuing. However, the rewards (non financial of course) are huge.

5 Day Teacher Training

The 5 Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is for those who wish to “train the trainer”. At the completion of this course, you will be able to conduct 2 Day Leader Training courses, and have an extended understanding of the Spirituality of Laughter Yoga. This training is ideal for those who wish to take Laughter Yoga to external parties, such as schools, aged care facilities, special needs groups, hospitals, and prisons, to name just a few.

1 and 2 Day Business Training

The 1 and 2 Day Business Training has been created for those wishing to make a living, or a business, from presenting Laughter Yoga to commercial organizations. Trust me, the game changes when there’s money involved. This training will teach you how to create a killer BIO, how to present to different organizations so they enjoy your work so much that they want you back, how to create a business plan, and then how to market yourself. It also comes with 3 month’s unlimited phone and email support to ensure your success.

Online Training

Now there are certain situations that may prevent you from attending any of the above. It could be timing, distance, finances, or availability. If this is the case, then we have Online Training to fill this void. While nothing will ever replace the ability to learn “face to face”, this is the next best thing. It’s being used by several organizations very successfully at present, so it could work for you. It also allows you to complete the training at your own pace.

Annual Conference

This year will see the running of our 8th (consecutive) Australian Laughter Yoga Conference in Sydney in October. It will take a different approach, look, and feel, this year. There will be two days of specialized half-day workshops, targeted at commercial organizations, on the two days prior to the Conference. The Conference will be on Saturday and Sunday, once again targeted to commercial organizations. There will also be 5 day Training, and 1 and 2 Day Business Training thrown in for good luck. Put simply, there is something for everyone. Hope to see you there.

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